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to the Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) course

delivered by RPAS Training and Solutions.

We hope you find this online course helpful. Find a quiet place to study and watch the videos.

Allow at least 2 hours per lesson. Of course, you can take breaks when you want.

As a guide, the full-time course takes a full 5 days to complete including flight practice. So you may want to allow at least two weeks to complete this course.

During these 2 days you will have to sit the quizzes again with the instructor in order to comply with CASA regulation.


There is a quiz for at the end of each lesson.  It is essential to complete all of these quizzes with a pass mark of 80%. You will not be able to proceed to the next lesson until you do.

At the end of each quiz you are shown how you went in the quiz including which questions you got wrong. If you got some wrong it may be best to review that topic in the lesson materials before repeating the quiz.

You will be given 2 repeat attempts for each quiz. If you get a message saying, “You have already taken this quiz 3 time(s) and may not take it again.”, please contact our office and we will help you.

Once you have passed all quizzes and the assignments you will be ready to attend the 2 day practical training days.

Flight Assessment

To help you practice flying for the practical flight assessment, download the RTS010 Flight Assessment syllabus checklist of Manoeuvres.

To help you be ready for your Flight Assessment we have made this training video.

We also would like you to watch this Fly Safe Video before you fly.

It is really important that you practice for the Flight Assessment.

Do not assume you will pass without practicing manoeuvres in the assessment.  It helps is use cones or other markers set out as per the assessment so that you can see how well you are flying. The two most challenging manouvres are Atii Yaw, and the Figure 8.

Drones and Atti Mode

If you are using a DJI drone make sure that it has All Modes Enabled and that you are actually in Atii mode.

If you are flying a drone which does not have Atti mode (eg. A DJI Mavic, Spark, etc.) you may be able to have Atti enabled. Most DJI drones without Atti mode can have Atti mode enabled. Please ask your supplier to help you.

Course Resources

You will need the following resources to begin this course. Further resources will be added to the Lesson which covers that topic.

Course Manual

Your course comes with a Manual which covers all topics in this course.

A PDF of the full Course Manual can be downloaded here.


There are at two assignments in this course.

  1. In addition to completing a quiz for each module, you are required to complete a set of written answers which you can submit at the end of this course. Please download it here.
  2. A Job Scenario which can be downloaded at the end of last lesson (RTS010).
    To get to that lesson you must complete and pass all lessons before it.

You cannot come to the class until you have completed all lessons and assignments.

Please give us at least two weeks notice that you are ready to come to class.


We no longer want you to upload your completed assignments, rather we would like you to print them out and bring them with you when you attend class. Please ensure that you have completed them before attending.


AROC – Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate

AROC is a separate certificate course which will delivered when you attend class.

Here is your course grade book

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