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In this short course we will help you revise for your Scenario test.

Very Important: Give yourself plenty of time to revise before you book the scenario with either CASA or a Delegate. You only have a few days to complete the scenario once you receive it.

In preparation for your Scenario interview make sure you:

  • Know how to use a JSA, and Risk Assessment
  • Know how to use Air Charts, identifying controlled and non-controlled airspace, Prohibited, Restricted and Danger areas, VFRs, Frequency
  • Revise Air Law: CASR 101, AC 101-01, CASA 96/17
  • Read your ReOC
  • Know how to use the Radio (refer to AROC in your class notes and Manual)
  • How to use the ERSA

Consider using Geofences, Preflight checks, Range and Signal checks in your Risk Assessment

If you took the RePL 5-day course you will also be enrolled in the RePL Class online you can revise any topic in the 5-day RePL course (except AROC which is in your manual).

The following Templates will help you complete your Scenario