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You may be wondering why we include this course when you may have years of flying ‘real’ planes. One reason is you are entering another world, the world close to the ground. There are lots of things that like to jump out at you in this world! You are closer to things and more importantly closer to people.

Your drone may look like a toy, but it is not. For one thing, its a complex beast run by a computer doing lots of maths. And it may appear smart, but is is not. Things can go wrong. And if it hits a person it can blind them. And if it hits a plane or a helicopter it could bring it down.


In this short course, we will help you bridge the gap between manned aviation and becoming a remote pilot and obtaining a RePL (Remote Pilot License).

To achieve this we will look at what you need to know in addition to your manned aviation course.

You will spend up to one day with the Instructor where you will go over the topics below and complete a flight assessment on our multi-rotor.

This course complements your day with us and will help you prepare. It will also remain available to you for revision.

Course Outline

  1. Multirotor Aerodynamics – delivered as part of practical with the drone, emphasis on modes, and flying skills
  2. Energy Management –(LiPo Batteries) – delivered as part of practical with drone
  3. Air Law
    1. CASR101 – discussion of SOC and RePL/ReOC differences
    2. AC101-01 – refer to and highlight
    3. Using CIFT and DC for drone NFZ
  4. Risk Assessment – Discussion of how to conduct an RA using the forms in the Manual
  5. DJI Phantom 3 / 4 – delivered as part of practical with the drone, basic components, Pre-flight checks.


NOTE: Quizzes and a Manual

The videos may refer to quizzes and a Manual.
As a Type Train student you are not required to complete any Quiz and the Manual does not apply to you. Thanks

Flight Assessment Videos

To help you be ready for your Flight Assessment we have made this training video.

If you are flying a drone which does not have Atti mode you can still use it to practice GPS (Position lock) manoeuvres.

We also would like you to watch this Fly Safe Video before you fly.

Flight Assessment Grading Sheet

To help you practice flying for the practical assessment, download the RTS010 Flight Assessment syllabus checklist of Manoeuvres.

Type Training Course Manual

A course manual in PDF format can be found here for you to download.